Here’s what I’ve been up to… I spent a weekend at home visiting the folks. The scenery has changed a lot since we’ve had to remove most of the trees along the shoreline in order to rebuild the shoreline. We also now have a new boat ramp. It wasn’t fully inplace when I was down there but reports are it’s pretty nice. I went to UNC and hung out with my two younger cousins that are there. It was a pretty good time. I also went and took Kevin Schwantz’s Suzuki School at Road Atlanta. It was neat to get two days of track time in down there. On the way back I ran up through Harrisonburg and had dinner with my buddy Wes. Then we hopped over to Finnigans for a quick beer. It was a good time. I miss Finnigans. Last weekend I celebrated my birthday with Bognanno and the “Ashburn crew.” Those would be the same people I meet at Kirkpatricks in Ashburn every Thursday night for drinks. Tomorrow night I fly with my friends Snapple and Mike to Albany to hang out with some other people. It should be a good time. Next weekend is JMU’s Homecoming and the 31st I’m doing a track day w/ Jean at VIR North. That should all be a pretty good time. Anyway, I’ll try to get photos up of the house and of UNC. In the meantime I have these pictures from KSSS to offer up.