• AWS Re:Invent Hackathon and my Echo Dot

    I recently got back from AWS Re:Invent. I got in to Vegas early so I could do my usual NFL betting, play some poker, and watch some shows. I should have played less poker though as I showed up to the Hackathon a bit groggy which was not a great way to be a team player. We were given free Echo Dots this year and teamed up with organizations to try and find creative ways for them to use the smart devices. We were teamed up with FIA, or Federation for Internet Alerts, and it went fairly well. The end result for most teams was the request of ‘push notifications’ to these devices as some organizations, like FIA, provide the most value by telling you when a tornado or other natural disaster is occuring nearby. However, one team did come up with the very smart use of asking Alexa where the nearest emergency shelter was.

  • Terrafying

    I’ve spent the last few months trying to bend Hashicorp’s Terraform to my will. It is a great tool in DevOps and cloud architecture and a means to ‘infrastructure as code’. With Terraform you write out the infrastructure you want, in my case for AWS, and it runs the files through a dependency tree engine to make sure you have what you need and then systematically calls the AWS API to create the required parts in the required order.

  • So I haven't updated since Sept 19th...

    Here’s what I’ve been up to… I spent a weekend at home visiting the folks. The scenery has changed a lot since we’ve had to remove most of the trees along the shoreline in order to rebuild the shoreline. We also now have a new boat ramp. It wasn’t fully inplace when I was down there but reports are it’s pretty nice. I went to UNC and hung out with my two younger cousins that are there. It was a pretty good time. I also went and took Kevin Schwantz’s Suzuki School at Road Atlanta. It was neat to get two days of track time in down there. On the way back I ran up through Harrisonburg and had dinner with my buddy Wes. Then we hopped over to Finnigans for a quick beer. It was a good time. I miss Finnigans. Last weekend I celebrated my birthday with Bognanno and the “Ashburn crew.” Those would be the same people I meet at Kirkpatricks in Ashburn every Thursday night for drinks. Tomorrow night I fly with my friends Snapple and Mike to Albany to hang out with some other people. It should be a good time. Next weekend is JMU’s Homecoming and the 31st I’m doing a track day w/ Jean at VIR North. That should all be a pretty good time. Anyway, I’ll try to get photos up of the house and of UNC. In the meantime I have these pictures from KSSS to offer up.

  • Track + Pittsburgh

    Track + Pittsburgh

    August 8th, 2005

  • Pittsburgh and back

    Well last Thursday night I flew to Pittsburgh. I left out of Norfolk, layover in DC, then on to Pitt. I used Independent Air, aka flyi. Leaving DC for Pitt we got airborn and had to turn around due to mechanical problems. Sweet! Get to Pittsburgh and spend most of the weekend snowed in and in freezing temperatures. Yea! Flying back we get delayed leaving Pitt, delayed arriving in DC, and delayed leaving DC. I spent 8 or 9 hours in airports or on planes that day. It was awesome. Actually the time in Pittsburgh was a pretty good time. Got to catch up with old friends and play with their kids. And it was great just to get away from Newport News. Although I didn’t take a laptop with me on my trip so I fell amazingly behind in my accounting class. Which is great because I’m terrible at accounting. Can’t think of anything else worth sharing. I bought stock in TransMeta (TMTA)again and Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI).

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